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The Dream

I just read this quote:


“if you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs”


It hits home. Currently working to open a business, my husband has been working hard for others all his life and always wanted to run his own show. It has been hard to say the least however slowly but surely things are moving along and we hope to be open for business by mid August. Whilst working and looking around for the ideal place has been a long and dwindling road I must admit I was skeptical at 1st. Not in his capability of running a business in food. But I was one who would much rather work and be paid then have to stress about the ins and outs of everything that has to do with running a take away.

But then when push came to shove and my husband had found THE Place. He was uncertain to take that final step. Although he would never admit it openly, he was afraid. He needed that push, someone to tell him go for it you can do this. My skeptical opinions flew out the window once I saw the place and I knew this was the time to push him out of his comfort zone and make him go for it. I always knew he would be great at running his take away. He is great with people and his food has always been to die for. This is his dream. And it has become my dream. And We are going to make it happen..

I will also admit that so far it has been difficult. Waiting for permits, trying to buy machinery, paying the rent, choosing the suppliers. But I know that in a year or two years time, this WILL be all worth and it our hard work WILL pay off. I will stand by his side and I know he appreciates what I’ve done as I appreciate him. He doesn’t need to say it. We have reached a point in our lives where words are not needed.




2 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. building a business is hard work, and something that will take its toll, it stresses you and not knowing how much money is going to come in is always scary. When I took the leap for the salon I was so far from my comfort zone I couldnt even locate it on a map… For me its been four years of hard work but slowly its paying off. My clients are increasing an trust has been built. This will be a long hard road for your family and im sure it will pay off with a little dedication and a whole lot of patience! Trust in your instinct and make your dreams happen.


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