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Good times role.

Let the good times role. It’s been a long week but an eventful one. My husband is finally getting his business sorted, which means he is coming home a happier man. When times are hard one must always remember the good times.

I think patience goes along way but one also needs that little bit of faith. The stress that comes along with life could make or brake your relationship. I’m not saying to take all the crap that he trows at you. I’m just saying choose your battles and recognize that sometimes he isn’t really upset with you but more at life in general and you are the person he can vent to.

I’ve learnt a lot about giving space and it has made a big difference. I’m certain that in less then a week I will be blogging about some stupidity or another men tend to come up with. 🙂 but until then I’m going to enjoy the sunshine and get me some lovin.


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