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Love. We all want it. The sad thing is once we have it, it doesn’t quite turn out what we expect it to be. The excitement we feel when we fall in love isn’t the same as what we feel when we have loved the same person for years.

It comes in waves and unlike what is sometimes portrayed in movies. love is anything but a happy ending. Its a constant commitment, a constant struggle. its sacrifice. Sometimes you may hate everything about that person. Even the very thing that made you love them in the first place. But then it all comes back. That person has the power to make or brake your day, month, year.

Love is powerful. Between the two of you, you may make the perfect power couple, but there is no such thing as perfect. When you love intensely you fight intensely also. Love may make you do or say or feel thing you may have never thought you could.

I was never a jealous person. Until I met my husband. I know there is nothing going on, but I can’t help it. I also never thought I could be soo nagging. Yet there I find my selve, nagging away because he hasn’t eaten right or isn’t doing something. There are soo many times both of us have wanted to call it a day. Count our wins/loses and move on. But something keeps us together.

Charlotte from sex and the city comes to mind. And I’ll never forget when Samantha says that you can’t be happy everyday. And Charlotte replies “not all day everyimageday, but yes, every day”


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