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Sex Dreams

Ok.. so whether you admit it or not.. We all have them.

I seem to be haunted by my most recent one. It feels like its been a while since I’ve had sex. Then I stopped to think about it and I realised it HAS been a while!

Now I’m not talking about lying there sex as I do get that on a regular basis.. But I’m talking about mind blowing OMG type of sex. I recall a time where my man and I could almost be considered rabbits rather then humans. Even after we had a child we still had those crazy moments. Less frequent mind you but they where still mind blowing. As of late however these crazy nights have dipped down to almost none. It’s soo easy to just let things slide. Life is so hectic. But if I’m starting to enjoy my dreams more then my real sex life and I think it’s time to sound the alarm bells.

I believe it’s very easy for both men and women to become complacent. Desire tends to be linked to the new and unexpected rather then to the old and boring. But what makes you most attracted to your man or your man most attracted to you? I think when you catch your partner in their element. When they are their most confident. That is when your partner is truley sexy. I think it’s a matter of being able to grasp that moment and take advantage of it that’s the problem. I wish that it was as easy as stopping whatever it is that I’m doing and ripping his cloths of there and then. But sadly, like everything in life, one has to make an effort even when it comes to sex. So I’m going to use those dreams as an example.

I’m tired of being the one to wait for things to happen. My girlfriends advice was to take him by surprise, be open and confident, I’m ready to take over and make my my real sex life sexy again.image


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