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What girlfriends think they do!?

Paranoid much?!

Why do We try and sneak into his Facebook account? Why don’t We trust him? I think the real issues are not “what are they up to?” But rather “why do we think they are up to something?”

Lets face it.. We all know someone who has been cheated on, or lied to, or stabbed in the back right? But should all these horror stories really affect us that much that we find ourselves trying to figure out their passwords and become qualified stalkers/hackers?

The answer should be NO. I would like to think that we have enough confidence to trust that they will come back to us, that we are worth it. Sadly, this is not always the case.. I for one am guilty as charged for being overly paranoid.

And you know what the worst thing about it is? They aren’t going to leave us because they where up to something or because they found someone else.. They are going to leave us because we are overbearing bordering crazy. There is a fine line between jealousy and paranoia and we must remember not to cross this line..

At the end of the day he is with you because he wants to be. Not because he has to be. Let him have his time without you. It will make the time you spend together all the better.image


2 thoughts on “What girlfriends think they do!?

  1. Definitely! I have more guy friends than girl friends and I definitely see how girls are so quick to jump to conclusions! I don’t see why anybody would want to be up somebody’s ass all day every day. Sometimes you just need your space to do your thing. I understand that because I need space too! Ugh. Haha

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